Friday, July 8, 2011

Scrap Space Cleaned Up

I finally decided to cleanup my room and re organize it.  To be honest most of the mess is my daughters, you can see her art work in the background hanging up (I have to keep it forever apparently).  There are still some things I would like to get done, and I need to figure out a way to organize my non CTMH inks since they don't fit in the holder.  I am an accountant and to be honest I don't think you can be one without being a bit anal and I like my stuff to be organized so that I know where things are (at least where they should be).  Here are some pictures with all my crap in it.

 My scraproom is also the office and its also my where my daughter does her crafts so I have a few drawers of stuff for her in her.  Here are some of my organizing tips.

I cut packaging inserts in 1 x 5 strips and cut them 1/2" up at 1" intervals, I did this 8 times and put it together inside a box and now i have 1" slots to store my stickles.  I got the box from the dollar store so this was cheap and easy.

I cut foam board in to small pieces and wound all my small ribbon around the pieces and secured with a pin,  if you have a lot of satin ribbon you may see the hold but with grossgrain and others you don't notice.

This is the method I am most torn about, after a few sets the CD cases were not cutting it anymore, so I shipped a Kaisercraft binder and inserts from the US in.  The clasp in the binder didn't line up (the pockets get caught on this a lot) so I emailed the company and after some arguing they finally sent a new one (they wanted me to return it to the retailer).  Finally they send the new one and it does the same thing :(.  Which is too bad because I really like the zipper pockets, each one holds 4 sets and you can fit 13 in the binder.  Its much more compact and I really like flipping through for the sets but the pockets keep getting caught on the binder rings.  I found the customer service to be difficult and they were the ones who sent a defective product in the first place it shouldn't have been a hassle to get it fixed


  1. This all looks so great! Thanks for the idea for the Spellbinders!!! :) Your scraproom looks amazing I am so jealous of your space!

  2. Love the neatness and order of your space! How do you stop cardstock and pattern paper? Do you store rolls of ribbon on the rolls?

    I have a lot of Spellbinders, including some of the Grand Nestabilities. Would you suggest using the KaiserCraft system when you have a lot of dies? Would they hold the Grandson?

    Thank you!

    1. Sandra,
      I have a ton of dies but I don't want to admit to how many (but it's now in two binders and each can hold over 50 sets). That is why I switched to this method, they won't fit the grand nesties but you can get 8.5 x 11 zipper pockets for a binder and do the same thing.