Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shutter Card Album Tutorial

After I made the shutter card I saw a picture of something called a shutter card album.  I did mine a bit differently then the one I saw and I wish I could remember where I saw the other one and if I find it I will link the original.  But here is version of a shutter card album

Shutter Card Open/Standing

 Close up of the Left Side

Shutter Card Middle

Shutter Card Open

 Shutter Card Closed

Here are the instructions and a link to the video

Paper trimmer
Scoring tool
2 - 12x12 sheets of card stock
Patterned paper to decorate (used MME 6x6 Lost and Found Madison Ave)
Crystal Stickles
Magnet for closure (you could also use ribbon or velcro)

Cut the first sheet of card stock in half, you will make 2 shutter cards for the bases.
Take the card stock horizontally (long side) and score it at the 2”, 4”, 8”, and 10” marks.
Turn the card stock 90 degrees and cut between the 2” and 10” score marks 1 ½” in on each side, you will have 3 sections of the card but it will be in one piece. Fold the score lines so that front and back are a sideways “T” and the other flaps tuck in behind.

To do this you will fold as follows: Take the middle section and fold the second score line out (mountain) and the next one in (valley). Note you will fold at 4”, and 8” marks.

One the top and bottom sections you will fold on all score lines the first score line fold will be out (mountain), and then in (valley), and then out (mountain) and then in (valley) again. Note you will fold at 2”, 4”, 10”, and 12”. 
When the card is closed it will be 6” by 4”, so if anything is sticking, chances are something is folded the opposite direction.
Repeat for the other 12"x6" piece, these will be the base of the album

Cut the other 12"x12" piece of card stock in half, from one of the 6"x12" pieces cut it in half.  Take each piece and score it at the 2" mark (these are the covers of the album)
Take the other 6"x12" piece and cut at 4", you will have a 4"x6" piece and a 8"x6" piece
Put the two "cards" side by side and open them up, then adhere the 4x6 piece of card stock in the middle (where the two back panels meet in the middle)
Fold the 6"x6" piece at the 2" score line and adhere to the front panel with the flap of the 6"x6" piece going behind the flap on the front, repeat for the other side.
Attach a die cut to the front for the closure, if you are using magnets apply before decorating, if you are using ribbon add the ribbon to the back. 
Adhere the 6x8 piece of card stock to the back

Decorate the album as desired.

Products used:
MME Madison Ave Paper
Spellbinders Fleur de lis Pendants 
Spellbinders Butterflies 2
Distress Ink

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