Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dahlia Fold Flower Card with a lot of Bling

I made this card for the Crop Chocolate Challenge # 3.  We were challenged to use simple shapes to come up with another shape.  I haven't made an dahlia fold flower in a while and that is what popped in my head when I saw the challenge.  My original intention with this card was to leave the inside blank so that way when I needed a card I could quickly add a sentiment and I would be good to do.  Well my sweet five year old daughter saw the card while I was taking pictures and asked ever so sweetly if she could have it.  After I said yes she decided that there wasn't enough bling (there is no such thing to a five year old).  So she went to her "stash" and added some more embellishment.

Here is my version of the card

Here is hers

I have to admit at first my jaw dropped when I saw how many pearls she was putting on it, but I like her version a lot.  I really need to take a lesson from her, sometimes I don't want to use supplies I really like and save them for that perfect project.  Her philosophy seems to be that if you like it use it, and use lots of it there will always be something else (usually something of mine).  When I posted this over at crop chocolate she good lots of good comments and she really enjoyed me reading them to her.  She is quite proud of this card, and has graciously agreed to let me scrapbook it.


  1. WOW! I really like both cards. You can share with you daughter that I LOVE bling too! She is very creative just like her Mom! Your creativity always encourages me to think outside the box....thanks so much!

  2. I love all the Bling. I am totally a Bling girl too! Can I solicit some vote while here? I am in the Xyron contest and need some major help. Use this link to go to their Facebook page, like Xyron then click the 5 stars under my LO titled Spring in Tucson if you like it. Thanks for any help! Here's the link: