Saturday, July 21, 2012

Core'dinations Hard Core Crop Journalling Challenge

I made this card for the Core'dinations hard core crop journalling challenge, Char's challenge was to create a journalling tag and for an added bonus to include a child in the creation.  I saw the challenge on Wednesday night and thought about what I wanted to make the next day when I got a call at work.  My 5yr old daughter had lost her first tooth (where does the time go), but she must have swallowed it because she didn't know where it went.  She was very worried that she wouldn't get a visit from the tooth fairy without her tooth to put under the pillow.  My friend suggested we write the tooth fairy a note and then it hit me, I could get my daughter to help make a tag and we could put the note on the one side.  When I told her the idea she was very excited and decided to help make the card as well.  She picked the paper for the card (red) and the tag should as well (pink).  To be honest these were not the colors I would have chosen but they were the ones she was set on so I decided to go with it.  We created the card together and the pocket for her to put the tag for the tooth fairy.  I wrote the note and she wrote her name at the bottom, and then we put it in the pocket and put it under her pillow.  That night the tooth fairy sneaked in and created a small pocket and wrote her a note too.  She even used the Core'dinations and sanded the score lines for her note.  My daughter was so excited to get a note back from the tooth fairy, I am going to use both notes on the scrapbook page of her first lost tooth.

Core'dinations Black Magic
Core'dinations Color Core Cardstock.
Core'dinations Pearl paper
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  1. Thanks for sharing the story and your project. Love that you let your daughter pick the paper. She made awesome choices!! Glad you didn't have to look for the tooth.

    1. I was so happy I didn't have to look for the tooth. She was satisfied by the explanation I offered and the note from the tooth fairy helped.

  2. What an absolutely awesome idea! You are such a great Mom to share so many projects with your daughter...she's a lucky girl!