Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crop Chocolate Grab Bags

Every couple of months Crop Chocolate has a warehouse sale and once the sale is done (I wish I lived in Utah) they usually follow it with an online grab bag sale.  There are usually paper grab bags, alpha grab bags, and warehouse grab bags (aka embellishment grab bags).  When they come up people usually want to know what has been in the bags.  I finally managed to snag some and here is the contents of two grab bags.  This was all in one bag with grab bag x 2 on it.  I think they prepackage multiple bags so that if someone gets two or three bags they don't get lots of duplicates.  Here is what was in my double grab bag for $8 this is what I got:

  • MM Panorama Monogram Alpha Stickers
  • MM Panorama Design Shop Stickers
  • MM Love Struck Design Shop
  • MM Love Struck Metallic Alpha Stickers
  • MM Love Struck Large Tags
  • MM Paper Reverie Butterflies Sienne
  • MME Stella and Rose Hazel Trims
  • MME Lush Turquoise Buttons
  • MME Lush Turquoise Trim
  • MME Laundry Line Trims
  • BG Marjolaine Tabs
  • BG Take Note Journalling Stamps
  • BG Bark Stamps
  • BG Tree Hugger Stamps
  • Bo Bunny Sunburst Stamps
  • Bo Bunny Love Birds Stamps
  • Bo Bunny Clearly Mixed Up Flower Album
  • Bo Bunny Clearly Mixed Up Serendipity Album
  • FP Lilac House Note Book Journal
  • AC Felt Embelishments
Definetly worth the $8 and next time I am getting more.


  1. I missed out... I had some but I gave them away to people asking for them, next time... I'll keep them for myself!

  2. WOW! That's will have to show us. I need to know more about their site.

  3. All that for $8??!! Wowsers! I'll have to get in on that next year!