Friday, January 13, 2012

Butterfly Kisses-Making a flourish with Liquid Pearls

Our challenge for this month was to create a project based on a song.  I decided to a layout based on Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlise.  I had these really cute pictures of my daughter taken with some butterflies and this seemed like the perfect challenge to create a layout for them. 

Here is the layout

and here is a closeup of the swirl I created using Liquid Pearls

The are actually easy to make and here are the instructions and a video if you would like to try it yourself.


  • Lime Twist Happy Go Lucky "Perfect" Butterflies Paper
  • Liquid Pearls
  • White Ink
  • Card Stock
  • Rhinestone Template


  • Take a rhinestone template and lightly attach to the paper (note I used painters tape, and removed some tackiness by sticking it on my shirt first)
  • Sponge a slightly contrasting ink over the holes of the template, you want this to be fairly light but contrasting enough to see the marks.
  • Squeeze liquid pearls on the marks left behind from the template, try to match the size of the marks as well.
  • When you have applied all of the liquid pearls gently tap the paper to remove the "peaks" left behind the pearls and round them out.
  • Let dry and use on your project, note I cut mine out but you don't need to.
Products used:
Liquid Pearls
Spellbinders flying beauties
MME Lime Twist Happy Go Lucky "Perfect" Butterflies Paper
Rhinestone Template

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  1. Love the technique...but I don't think I could work as quickly as you do :) I would like to try this but don't have any swirl patterns...where did you get those? Your tutorial is really well done, clear and well explained...thanks so much Corrie!