Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dhalia Flower Tutorial

I made some of these Dahlia flowers for a few recent cards and the ladies at Crop Chocolate requested a tutorial so by popular request here it is.

Dahlia Fold Flower

Closeup of flower

· 8 circles of the same size, they can be regular or scalloped (I used EP Springtime)
· 1 slightly larger circle
· Button or brad for the center
  1.  Take one of the circles and fold in half and crease2. Fold in half again but pinch on the outside edge, don’t crease, you are just marking where the quarter mark is.
  2. Unfold the circle
  3. Take the bottom right side and fold in towards the centre in between the quarter marks, repeat for the left side
  4. Flip over and fold bottom right edge to the centre line, repeat for the left side
  5. Repeat all steps for the other remaining 7 circles
  6. Take the larger circle and fold in half and in half again (crease each fold)
  7. Unfold the circle
  8. Glue the first petal on the crease of one of the quarter marks, repeat for all the petals. Use the crease lines as your guide for the centre and to line up the petals
  9. Add a button or brad to the centre.
Here is the video:


  1. Corrie - this was a great video! It is easy to follow and I am going to try making these flowers, yet again. Great idea to make a big one first to practise on before making the little ones. Thanks so much!

  2. Great video for this cute flower. Thanks.

  3. Corrie; I used your tut to make a flower like this for a card and shared it on my blog; giving you the credit for your video, you deserve. Thanks.