Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorabilia Pocket

This month we were given a picture to use as our inspiration, the picture was drawn by Amber's daughter.  She is such a cutie and when I saw the picture the red color stood out to me the most.  I remembered my daughter's school picture and picked the paper from there.

It also reminded me that I have a ton of art work from my daughter and I thought making a memorabilia pocket to go with her school picture would be a great way to store it.  Here is the project, I made a title on the pocket with her grade, school and the year but I just didn't feel comfortable putting that on my blog.  Here is the pile of stuff I had.

I decided to use a version of the pockets I use to store birthday and Christmas cards for my daughters important school work, I put her class picture and report card in here as well.

Here are the tutorial on how to make it:
1. Cut a piece of cardstock to 12 x 6"

2. Score the cardstock at the 1/2" mark on the two short sides and one long side


3. Draw a line on the 45 degree angle on the bottom corners, cut these off. By cutting thes
miters the bottom corners will lay flat

 4. Take a bone folder and crease the score marks

 5. Decorate the pocket on the outside

6. Add strong adhesive to the flaps and adhere to the bottom of the page
7. Finish decorating page and fill with memorabilia

Supplies used:
FP Winterwonderland paper
Snake Tape
MS Swirling Lace punch

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  1. What a great idea and such a wonderful keepsake for her!