Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crop Chocolate Challenge Grand Send Off

I was inspired to create this box by a fellow DT member Scrappy Canuck.  She made a beautiful box and filled it with notes and inspirational quotes for her daughter.  For this challenge we needed to buy a Bravisimo product and use it in a project. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make my own box for my daughter.  When ever she would see these boxes she always wanted to buy them but I always resisted because I have never done anything like this.  I actually had to buy a decoupage glue just for it.  I painted the box first because I wasn't sure how the paper was going to go on and I didn't want the wood to show through.  Next I carefully cut and glued the paper down and then added the final bravissimo embellishments.  At first my daughter wanted to decorate the white box with paint and was not happy with my plans to cover it in paper.  However when she saw the finished box she loved it and put the bravisimo embellishment on herself.  I came downstairs and she was so proud of herself, I couldn't help but smile and be proud (even if she didn't quite do it the way I would have).  I started off with a note and made some more to go inside.  Every morning she checks the box for another note and is so happy when she finds one.  I am so happy I decided to take this challenge on, even though it was outside my comfort zone.  The joy that it has brought to my daughter is priceless, she truly cherishes this.

Products used:
MM Pitter Patter Paper
MM Bravissimo Rosette
MM Bravissimo Sentiment

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  1. That box really turned out beautiful! I love the paper you chose. The Bravissimo you added is perfect. I love it!